Purchase and repair of pallets

Koshun Pallets company is ready to buy new and used pallets on easy terms. We accept wooden pallets of all sizes and configurations
We buy pallets

Our warehouses are located in Ukraine’s main cities and so we can receive goods in any location you need. We also offer pallet delivery by our own transport. Our company does everything to ensure that you sell pallets with no obstacles. We make timely payments on convenient terms.

Purchasing pallets is one of the most important services in our company as we care about the natural resources preservation. We restore and repair damaged and used pallets and so they are reused again. If a pallet’s level of damages is too high and it cannot be repaired, we dismantle it to separate parts. Those that are in a good condition can be reused again later. So, our company ensures waste-free production.

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Pallet repair procedure
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Pallet repair procedure
Pallet repair

Due to the multiple use and carelessness, pallets often lose their attractive appearance and get cracks. To elongate their durability, we offer quality pallet repair regardless of their type and condition.


Koshun Pallets company repairs wooden pallets in spite of the level of damages. As soon as we receive them, our professional team will do everything to restore it and get pallets back in working order.


Our repairmen have all necessary instruments at their disposal to conduct efficient repair as soon as possible. Since we understand the value time to our customers, you do not have to waste it for pallets delivery. You can use our delivery service for shipping pallets for repair.

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Repair of pallets
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Repair of pallets

With us, you always receive quality service and may count on the optimal conditions of cooperation. Contact our sales department to start our productive cooperation.

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Buying and delivery
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  2. We do the calculation of production cost
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Pallet Classification by Quality

You need to know this so that no one will cheat you by selling you poor quality pallets (new second-class pallets are cheating)

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